Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

What the heck is Time Bomb Butterfly ? Have you heard about this before ? Not if you have not watched Dan Sheridan of CBOE and his classical videos. Time Bomb Butterfly is a speculative trade , usually a directional bet and if you are right it pays you back 7 x to 10 x […]

Stock Market is again moving lower and ended at lowest point since November but not undercutting November lows. SPX and NDX still have some room to go down before they violate November lows. We are in trading range if these lows held up in coming week and may see a bounce.  Gold lately has been […]

Here is an Options trading Strategy from my fave Dan Sheridan of C B O E, giving us a free trade on Target. Its an Iron condor however he calls its a split butterfly, well that’s just a matter of opinion. Whats good about it, that target is a non volatile stock and the earnings […]