Monday, December 18th, 2017

Home Page: Watch Us Trade Live An Affinity Day Trader demonstrates the companies scalping methods by showing his live trading. Affinity provides day trading stock education as well as career opportunities for stock market proprietary trading. This type of trading requires access with special stock brokers that provide direct floor routes and extremely […]

Watch live automated trading using the Trade-Ideas Robot through a Direct Market Access brokerage account. Using 6 strategies, 3 long and 3 short, we place orders in the first 2 minutes of the market open with a hold time of 15 minutes. Contact Trade-Ideas ( for more information. http This lesson will briefly go over Brendan’s layout of his Direct Access platform and identify what he watches when he trades. Related Sites Nokia-Microsoft Exchange Direct Access Email Boosting Global … UAG SP1 RC Demonstrate UAG DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant … The point of today’s post is to show you why unusual option activity is a leading indicator of potential price move in the underlying stock. Yesterday, in our trading community in our Elite chat room, I saw large blocks of call options hit in DirecTV (DTV). At the time the stock didn’t move, but […]