Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Stock Market Trading and Economic forecast using common sense analysis and decision making techniques. Focus is on the US Dollar, Commodities (CRB Index), Bonds (10 Yr. Treasuries), and the Stock Market (DJIA 30). Gold, silver and oil are often discussed when relating to commodities.

Level 1 focuses on learning the game and basic commodity trading concepts like margin, stop loss, and exiting a trade profitably. Level 2 increase the stakes and delves into the more complex rules avid trader face. Allows adults and children alike to learn to trade and invest in commodities in a low-risk setting. Reinforces the […]

Make a Million Dollar – Part I

Looking back at the U.S dollar performance against other currency pairs indicates an unpredictable trend but a stable currency. The U.S dollar is the most traded currency in the world against other major pairs, such as the Euro and the Japanese Yen. Let’s take a look at the U.S dollar future against the major currency […]

Product DescriptionInsider Forex Secrets reveals million dollar banking secrets that will give you enormous power in the Forex currency exchange market. With Insider Forex Secrets I will show you exactly how the banks and other successful people use the forex market to achieve greatness in the currency exchange market. When starting any business venture you […]

Euro Forex TarifaMuchos dollar thinks that the retailers of the stock market when they listen about the binary options. Nevertheless, the currency also offers to the retailers retail great opportunities to do something of high performance. Binary Forex options that allow to limit the risk and less than of seeing the benefits in one hour. […]

Forex Technical Update 8/3/2010 Fan Yang, CTA FXTimes The USD is plagued with further weakness across the board. I am monitoring many dollar crosses in order to make sure there is confirmation when the USD does rally. This is like looking at the internal structure of the dollar index. I believe the main crosses to […]

Forex Technical Update 8/23/2010 Fan Yang CTA Technical Analyst FXTimes The EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs are consolidating to start the week. The EUR/GBP continues to be pressured. The AUD/USD did not violate support for a bullish count. The GBP/JPY may be pressured some further, but there is a bullish scenario to follow. Finally, the CHF/JPY […]

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