Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

You have heard the 3 month old rally is about to end and blah blah and how the market is going to go down again. Walls of worries have erupted over economic recovery and the bond markets have gone wild over inflation concerns. Well that may  all be true, and we have seen how the […]

So far so good. Stock market is in a confirmed rally mode since the Follow through day on March 11, 2009, according to Investors business Daily  and William O Neil school of thought. Every bull market starts off with a rally attempt, from the very lows, and has a follow through day subsequently after 4 […]

  Feds meeting today opened great chances for an early economic recovery. Feds announced to buy $1trillion in Treasuries and mortgage related debt to create an economic recovery by the end of 2009. The Fed policy makers voted 10-0 to use all economic tools to revive the ailing economy. They aimed to keep interest rates […]