Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Uncertainty kills the Stock Market- A bad unemployment report adds to it. There was no surprise. The economy has been stalling for sometime. Various indicators and reports pouring the doom and gloom for several weeks. Retail sales, consumer confidence, home sales and manufacturing reports have been lackluster lately. After a three month of optimism we […]

All of us saw the bruising debt crisis debate? All of us saw the eventual US credit downgrade? Specifically what you feel it did to the thought process of consumers and employers? It spooked them. In a fragile monetary economic climate any such detrimental stimulus towards the senses does a single issue only: It freezes […]

Market has been watching carefully eyeing Obama’s Economic package being hustled in the Halls of Congress. There is one thing than another and another and the process seems to go on for ever. Its a huge bill worth about 850 billion in seed money that will be needed to jump start our economy after Dubya crashed it […]

photo courtesy: AP President elect Obama was sworn in as 44 Th President of The United States. What a historic day for US and the whole world. Son of first generation Kenyan immigrant Obama is the first Afro- American to be President of the United States in its entire history. This has been very historic […]

Today the market is up 200 points before closing time on a bleak and grim unemployment report  ? Maybe the picture of President Elect Obama and Joe Biden sitting together inspired traders? These two look lot better than the other two we had IMHO. What do you think? Leave your comments below… Last 2 days Market continued […]