Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Equities dived again and we saw one day which carried the bulls and than short sellers started hitting hard and drove the prices to the 200 day moving averages. All the indexes are sitting on it. If we bounce here, market my have a run if we break down here there is no telling how […]

The Economy is faltering as you have seen on TV and news media.There is a lack of creation of jobs and high gas prices and real estate prices going in for a double dip recession. This does NOT sits well with the stock market. The market is in a  gradual sell off. Nothing violent or […]

There are time when It does not makes sense to trade at all. There are people who are very good at shorting stocks and taking them to cleaners. The market always presents these cycles every now and than. The stock market never stays the same that’s for sure. Since Bin Laden’s death announcement May 2, […]

countries like china,india etc have huge forex reserves. so how does a country benefit by having substantial forex? and also how do nations increase their reserves. what happens when a nation has zero forex? Related Posts:why is it in the interest of developing countries to have high forex reserves ?Forex Options Trading – What is […]

Funds will continue to flow into the Indian Economy and the liquidity will remain adequate says Dipen Shah, Senior VP – Kotak SecuritiesKotak Securities brings to you a detailed analysis of indian stock market. Subscribe to our videos for stock tips, sensex updates, tips on stock trading in india for both BSE & NSE, share […]

In the? Recent years, you have worked hard Nigeria out of the instability pol? Policy, bribery, inadequate systems and poor financial stability. Now the pa? S est? by an increase in t? Terms of economic development? Economic and try to keep it stable in this financial crisis. Get cheap Nigeria and study the substantial reform […]

Translation agencies? N the global market – now in day you, you can not imagine one without the other. Translators support companies operating worldwide in their negotiations and correspondence translate multilingual? And with partners in other pa? Months. Due to the advancement of Globalization? N, communication? N with foreign trading partners is increasingly m? S […]

President signed the Financial reform Bill into law today at a huge White house ceremony. American taxpayers =1 Wall Street =0 They fought it tooth and nail and lost. Lost to the will of American people who supported such reform otherwise we could not have 60 votes in the Senate. This is sweeping reform that […]

Jobs report came with 411K Gov + 41K private jobs added. That put the bears in control and the market was gapped down 200 points as usual. If you stop to think for a moment, Bush was losing 500K to 700K jobs a month this report was a honey pot compared to those nasty numbers […]