Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Where is my Santa Claus Rally? I want to know. Its all discussed endlessly this year. Today the market broke out from its strong Flag like pattern formed since December 5, 2011. Take a look here. We talked about it last night in the daily video. The market tried to rally last week and ended […]

Its been rough this last week in trading stocks or equities. For seven straight sessions the market has gone down. SPX has plunged from 1260 to 1158 just about 100 points in a week. That is an extreme and shakes up weak hands, people give up and sell and take a loss. But what it […]

Here is what it looks this week as European debt crisis gets a fair shake by 17 Eurozone countries. Expecting some kind of long term solution at this point. As a result stock market rallies hard with leaders going up 10 to 15 points in today’s action. There is however resistance above with 200 day […]