Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Stock are surging in broad based market rally on news about Europe’s debt crisis that has been adequately handled by 17 Eurozone countries with a massive $1 billion plus Euro package. Greece debt is getting addressed which has been harking our stock market for the last 2 years. It is seemingly possible that bondholders may […]

European trading venues Chi-X, Bats extend talks * Trading partners extend takeover talks * Tie-up was announced in December * Competition must be maintained, say traders LONDON, Feb 11 (Reuters) – Trading venues Chi-X Europe andBats Global Markets have … Read more on Reuters UK Focus via Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance

Hey everyone for this outlook video I take a look at the Pound and Kiwi Yen. Both pairs are at key daily and 4 hour levels. Nothing complicated about todays analysis, simple trap it and trade it strategy. Good luck and enjoy!! David Pegler Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK FEBRUARY 18TH 2010 FOREX […]

Two great setups today. One at the DAX/FTSE open and the other at the close. We used the 1H, 15M and 1M charts to make scalp trades based on EMAs, Fibonacci and even a Pitch Fork. Both scalp opportunities offered 100 pips or more. Live FOREX Training | EVERYDAY! Related Posts: FOREX Training | […]

Hi everyone, for this European outlook I concentrate on Cable and the Aussie Yen. The Aussie Yen analysis is a very simple extension of the trade we talked about on Friday. Pound on the other hand looks weak and Im certainly looking for technical reasons to short. As you know trading is all about mitigating […]

Hey everyone, very simple and concise video today. In this presentation I take a look at the Euro USD. I conduct a top down analysis of this pair. I talk about potential movements for the next few weeks as well as an intraday outlook. Its an interesting video in that I employ lots of EMA […]

Hey everybody, for todays outlook I analyze the Aussie USD and Cable. Very simple analysis as always; lots of Fibonacci and general price action use. I hope you enjoy the video and good luck today. David Pegler Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK SEPTEMBER 16TH 2010 FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK FEBRUARY 25TH 2010 […]

Hi everyone, for this presentation I concentrate on the Euro USD. I think the Euro has become extremely extended and depending where we start the London session today I think it may be time to start looking for a few days of dollar strength. Good luck!! David Pegler Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK […]

Hi everyone, for this video outlook I concentrate on the USD YEN and Aussie Yen. The US Yen is at a critical decision point and how we move off these levels will dictate all our Yen related trading over the next 24 hours. I also take a brief look at oil. Good luck!! David Pegler […]

Hey everyone, its been a challenging few days with a few of our favorite currency pairs in a variety of ranges. This in mind I have defined a few important support and resistance areas for Cable, Aussie Yen, Pound Yen and Aussie USD. Until we resolve these ranges Im remaining very conservative. Good luck and […]