Sunday, December 17th, 2017 Market seems slightly overbought so risk-reward ratio is not particular good. Looking for pullback to get a high odds entry. Right now scalp is the best way to go. Gold and Oil is still showing relative weakness. Visit our website for FREE eBook “Winning Formula” on how we trade. http

The market keeps deteriorating, but on Friday there was a bottoming tail, which, in my mind had government finger prints (ie PPT) all over it. Otherwise we could have seen another Black Monday. Will it hold? Will it lead to a new rally? Don’t know, but I am a bit miffed. Another 1987 would have […]

Pre-London today finally began the bullish British Pound/USD move off support that the 4hour MACD divergence had predicted over the last couple of days, breaking a very definable price trap. Following this break however, we did not enjoy a pullback to the breakout point like we usually do. This unfortunately left some of the more […]

We may now be seeing the final leg down in favor of the dollar. Initially, price action during the Asian session and during the first several hours of the London session was dollar bearish and we anticipated a further retracement, perhaps as high as 1.4100 vs. the euro; however, it all turned around and the […]

Hey everyone for this outlook video I take a look at the Pound and Kiwi Yen. Both pairs are at key daily and 4 hour levels. Nothing complicated about todays analysis, simple trap it and trade it strategy. Good luck and enjoy!! David Pegler Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK FEBRUARY 18TH 2010 FOREX […]

Two great setups today. One at the DAX/FTSE open and the other at the close. We used the 1H, 15M and 1M charts to make scalp trades based on EMAs, Fibonacci and even a Pitch Fork. Both scalp opportunities offered 100 pips or more. Live FOREX Training | EVERYDAY! Related Posts: FOREX Training | […]

Hey everybody, for todays outlook I analyze the Aussie USD and Cable. Very simple analysis as always; lots of Fibonacci and general price action use. I hope you enjoy the video and good luck today. David Pegler Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK SEPTEMBER 16TH 2010 FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK FEBRUARY 25TH 2010 […]

The New York session started in a tight range on the 15 minute chart. However, price was bouncing off of the 200 EMA on the hourly chart. It was also being supported by the Support Pivot Point (S1). All we needed was a clear break to the upside for a target of the Resistance Pivot […] Related Posts: 22 March 2010 Eurodollar Forex Delfin-S 25 January 2010 Eurodollar Forex Delfin-S Curso de Forex Profesional (Stocásticos, RSI, MACD) Der Forex Millionaer – Video 097 Der Forex Millionaer – Video 075 View full post on Currency Trading Strategy Related Sites Currency Trading For Profit – A Simple System Making Millions … […]

Today’s London session started off with a bang! We found ourselves in a very definable triangle price trap pre-London which was breaking just as the London boys sat down to play along with the rest of us. The top of the day had started with a bounce off the daily central pivot point/hourly 21ema, and […]