Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

A watered down Financial Reform Bill mocks Mainstream America. In a morning showdown Senate and House reached a deal and a watered down measure passed. The Volcker rule banning banks prop trading was softened to 3% allowance and banks/Wall street gets to keep derivatives business. In other words in the final moments Wall Street scored […]

You can see that in market action. More good news poured in, existing home sales were up. Like spring flowers in bloom, there is good news everywhere about the economy . This acts like gangbusters for normal markets, but we don’t have a normal market anymore. Last Thursday’s horrific sell off when Senate passed the […]

Under Financial Regulatory reform Volker Rule is being debated in Senate now, banning prop-trading, market dives 300 points These kind of background news enrages Wall Street and they have shown no mercy in trashing our markets down 300 points. You can find lame excuses being put forward on TV but those are not the […]

Economy grew 3.2% last quarter. That’s is great news we have been waiting to hear. The market should have rallied 100 points perhaps? You thought it would? But the market dropped 65 points from the open and my screen turned crimson red as it has been doing lately on an increasing frequency. Overnight the news […]