Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

 click to enlarge chart GOOG today touched 774.65 setting an all time high since the company started as an ignored IPO back in 2004 or so. The highs came amid a stellar earnings report last week and the stock has taken the lead as the new Tech leader replacing all time darling AAPL. The strong fundamentals […]

The year 2013 came in with bang! After a fearful era of post election blues and Fiscal cliff which ultimately ended peacefully and we are still alive and together as a country- the market had to show some kind of enthusiasm and it did on January 2, 2013 with big gap to the upside. Unfortunately […]

Stock have been sliding down for the last four sessions making it a case of hopelessness, but again when the sentiment gets very negative there is always a rally. It did happen today. SPX plunged well below the 50 day line and most major stocks went with it. AAPL hit the 505 level for the […]

Today is the last day of the full week of trading in 2012. The market opened with a big gap to the downside and still has not recovered yet as of this writing 9:00 AM PST. Reason? Fiscal cliff talks have failed to commit both parties to an agreement. Market was disappointed by the lack […]

The two day old rally came to halt and stock took a breather as the comments from White house regarding a veto threat on the GOP proposal dampened the enthusiasm. The market has shown similar behavior whenever something negative is spoken politically about fiscal cliff. Fiscal cliff does not mean that on January I, 2013 […]

Today the market bounced off the 50 day moving average in a nice rally maintaining the previous rally from the bottom reversal of 11/16/12. Fiscal cliff resolution and talks provided enough euphoria of sorts. John Boehner indicated that he is willing to allow tax cuts on wealth individuals who make more than $1million. This sentiment […]

Please click charts to enlarge AAPL reversed here on 505 November 16 2012 and its back here. the stock is under relentless tax related capital gains selling under the perception that Fiscal cliff event would create higher tax rates. What if Fiscal Cliff didn’t happen? Facebook unlocked 156 million shares and first thing they do […]

The market retreated on Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s press comments. The Fed’s introduced nothing new as such but made remarks that they will support fiscal policy till the unemployment rate is down to normal 6.5%.The market did not know what that implies and when in doubt they hit the sell button. Most major stocks and […]

The market is digesting previous moves still hanging there. There is a lot of talk about head and shoulders pattern on SPX and AAPL and that is what we have discussed here. The pattern is neither complete or convincing at this juncture, when you have it , you will see it. The jobs report is […]

Market uptrend is still intact as you can see in this video. The individual stocks are not in uptrend specially the biggest stock AAPL that dragged the Nasdaq down with it. There were technical and tax reasons and news that blasted a furious move to the downside. The stock opened with a gap and was […]