Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Feds will taper the QE3 and the market jumps on the growing expectations of a solid economy. The conditions have been improving already as evidenced by a very strong earnings season. The growth in GDP to 4% also made a strong case to buy more stocks and sell nothing. SPX has hit a new high […]

The market retreated on Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s press comments. The Fed’s introduced nothing new as such but made remarks that they will support fiscal policy till the unemployment rate is down to normal 6.5%.The market did not know what that implies and when in doubt they hit the sell button. Most major stocks and […]

August 30th 2011 If you’re interested in my trading system, contact me with any questions. • Contact: elvisuptown.blogspot.com • www.elvisuptown.blogspot.com • http • www.twitter.com This video is of “paper trades”, no real capital was used. I make free educational day trading…

Economic news affects the Forex market and you can take advantage of these releases and turn them into personal gains. This whole trade took less than 20 minutes and probably the easiest pips to make… if you know what you are doing… Related Posts: 11/04/09 – Daily Forex Market News from cmsfx.com Exact Trading take […]