Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Stock Market Trading and Economic forecast using common sense analysis and decision making techniques. Focus is on the US Dollar, Commodities (CRB Index), Bonds (10 Yr. Treasuries), and the Stock Market (DJIA 30). Gold, silver and oil are often discussed when relating to commodities. Market seems slightly overbought so risk-reward ratio is not particular good. Looking for pullback to get a high odds entry. Right now scalp is the best way to go. Gold and Oil is still showing relative weakness. Visit our website for FREE eBook “Winning Formula” on how we trade. http (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT) New scientific findings suggest an Ancient Astronaut theory where alien gold prospectors came to earth to mine gold. In this video, I explore the latest scientific research for the origin of gold bugs.

Anyone who has traded in the stock market knows that there is always some risk, that is true in the gold market also? N. Most? To the shops in the gold market are OTC transactions, usually between mining companies and banks. What many people are? No talking when they say that the gold market is […]

Product DescriptionWith the long-term bull market in stocks and gold miner? A booming, there are several opportunities fant? ICT systems for the capture of the benefits and maximization? N of profits in the field of precious metals. Not surprisingly, many traders and investors est? N f looking for a reliable system? Easy to follow to […] – Timely Stock Trading Market Analysis July 18, 2010 shows a Death Cross and opportunity to short the market for profits. Learn how to read 50-day and 200-day moving averages and market oscillators to time entry points and identify market trends.

Gemdale, GF Securities, Yuguang Gold: China Equity Preview The following companies may have unusual price changes in China trading. Stock symbols are in parentheses, and share prices are as of the last close. Read more on BusinessWeek

Eldorado Gold Resources M? Xico Noticias-A Art? Ass in the Wall Street Journal today in flexibilizaci? N quantitative (QE) insin? The Fed to take a middle of the road approach t? Terms of size and duration ? n the Queen Elizabeth 2. As expected, the reaction? N burs market? Tiles and raw materials’ is negative. […]

Trade in products b? Musicians and has always attracted people? Do people. Although stock trading or products b? Musicians involves high risk, the rewards can be exponential. A good market research, knowledge of business, the economy? A, and the pol? Econ policies? Micas, and a good comprehension? N the process of negotiation? N are essential […]

Today Dave Skarica and I discuss gold as a hedge in a time of crisis. For more stock trading updates go to Related Sites NetFlix Inc, NASDAQ:NFLX | Live Stock Trading News | Equities … Vietnam: Instead of depositing gold at banks, people will keep … Japan's Economy Grows at 3.9% Annual Pace, More […]