Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The stock has been in a long term consolidation range since 2008. Recently broke out from the upper range at 650ish or so. Now the churning at the top is indicative of a Megaphone chart pattern which could lead to lower prices. That means GOOG will dive back into the channel here and go sideways […]

Here is a video on handling the Iron condor that may or may not pose a problem. If stock moves above 540 it will go higher, if not the short sellers will take it down much lower, and if the market is in a nasty mood like today. Today the stock held very well despite […]

We shorted GOOGLE 250 puts  back on November 14, 2008 . http://indexoptionstrading.alliancemtg.com/how-to-buy-google-cheap-trade/ Today taking advantage of time decay and stock movement- closed the trade.  Google is up today at 314 and we can let these puts expire worthless, but we are not taking any chances, should the market reverse.  BUY BACK  DEC GOOG 250 PUTS @ […]

The markets sold off heavily towards the close down 332 points, profit takers and hungry traders going home with pocket full of change to pay for milk and coffee. BEFORE that happened GOOGLE shot up to 324 and as a lurking opportunist I took profits, and I was right. Right after that Google fell apart […]

The market dropped beyond October lows in a horrendous plunge down to the depths never seen since 2001. The plunge was brutal and insane and reminded experienced traders how not take anything for granted. I was on the sidelines watching and seeing great stocks getting decimated. One of the great stock was Google which traded […]