Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Economy grew 3.2% last quarter. That’s is great news we have been waiting to hear. The market should have rallied 100 points perhaps? You thought it would? But the market dropped 65 points from the open and my screen turned crimson red as it has been doing lately on an increasing frequency. Overnight the news […]

Have you seen all crimson red on your screens when the market dives 200 points? Stocks were down 2- 20 dollars everywhere. VIX shot up 5 points and major indexes crushed under huge nasty selling programs. What a unified effort that must have been? Indeed. Just about 11:00 AM when the SPX was moving higher […]

Americans are rightfully disgusted by politicians and businesses and particularly Wall Street  is that no one is held responsible for the behavior that launched a crushing recession and threw 8  million people unemployed in America. It all started with Wall Street and perhaps will end with Wall Street. Wall Street has ruined the economy and […]

Talking about slaying the dragon on CNBC.In a bold and unprecedented move SEC moved to charged Goldman Sachs  of sub prime mortgage fraud.  Here is the excerpt from AP  “The government has accused Goldman Sachs & Co. of defrauding investors by failing to disclose conflicts of interest in mortgage investments it sold as the housing […]

Brush my teeth with a bottle of jack and hit the door…I ain’t coming back. (The word ” moning” is actually morning for all of  you spell freaks).Yes that’s what the bears do every “moning” getting up and running down the stocks for a few hours feeling empowered, till the “Pohlice shuts them down, down […]

GS has been on a tear, clearing 50, 200 day Moving averages on good volumes.  The stock may pull back here to 165 its 50 day which should act as support. Here is a quick chart on GS stock that has one more hurdle to clear. The downward trend line. Once that is done, it […]

The third Friday every month on Wall street brings strange bliss to option traders. Day traders and scalpers hate this day. Because  for one thing they cannot make any money. Because major stocks are stuck at certain strikes and finish the day without any movements. This frustrates a lot of folks who are not Hedge […]

RUT finally slicing through 50 day Moving average. A close above 600 is bullish for the overall market  in general/ Small caps have been lagging in this rally. Please click on charts to enlarge. PCLN a nice bull flag may lead to higher prices AAPL breaking out from base at 205 may lead to higher […]

The earnings session opened with bang, INTC and JPM blew the doors off their earnings. IBM reported today and on Thursday GS and GOG report. Some big names also report on Friday. We already started on IBM earnings and

GS stock has been on tear  going up  50% in last few weeks. Going from 73 on March 9, 2009  to 119 in on April 6, 2009 ! That’s a more than two standard deviation move. Something quite unusual that we donot see quite often. We had been constantly trading GS in our members area […]