Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

July was another good month we had despite market downturns. Four weeks in a row stock market was down, yet our option strategies were making money. We had one trade that lost money when the stock violated Technical conditions and was closed. Since this week the market has taken off again and may go higher.  […]

June has been a record month for our newsletter and trading portfolio. Portfolio had 6 total trades for the month of June expiration. Out of them 5 were solid winners. Our total portfolio has been up 16.1% for the month. This performance has been much higher than  targeted returns  of 5%- 10% a month. On an average  3 contract lot, […]

The market dropped beyond October lows in a horrendous plunge down to the depths never seen since 2001. The plunge was brutal and insane and reminded experienced traders how not take anything for granted. I was on the sidelines watching and seeing great stocks getting decimated. One of the great stock was Google which traded […]