Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The month came in like a Lion and went out like a lamb. Net effect not much. Markets are trading in a range after stock markets major declines from last year, building confidence, and a floor, perhaps from where markets may launch higher. There was no shortage of bad new all month long. Lots of bad […]

Holidays over and we are back to work on Jan 5 2009. During the holidays we had our vacations trades on and reaped decent profits on WALMART and AAPL all given in member’s subscriber area. We still have one trade on WALMART that should expire this week hopefully with profits. All in all the markets did […]

Here are some basic options trading strategies for bear markets. 1. BUY PUTS : On indexes or stocks. Usually you buy a deep in the money put that acts like a stock going down , it costs more but has a delta of 75 to 80. So if your stock goes down you move with […]

Down 777 one day and up 485 the next ? Lets not forget all the troubles from yesterday have not vanished. This is a typical behavior of bear markets, increased volatility , high VIX , brutal plunges and sharp rallies and than eventually a brutal plunge deeper than the first one! If you look at […]