Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

How to Hedge Index options trading- Protecting Profits and Trading Capital Its a well known secret for fund and portfolio mangers. Fund Managers regularly spend a portion of their trading portfolio protecting against eventual losses in case the markets drop suddenly causing pain and havoc to their portfolios. Its called portfolio insurance, and its like […]

The stock index options are the options which are not a single stock but an index which comprises of many stocks altogether in pool. They were introduced in 1981. The investors and speculators invest in stock index options in order to lower risk to the entire market or some parts of the market without a […]

Index options trading. Well this week’s employment report was no comfort for that. US Non Farm payrolls lost 533,000 jobs in a single month. If you divide that by 30 days we are losing jobs at the rate of 17, 500 jobs per day, and its getting worse.This is the worst job loss reported in […]