Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Here is a video on handling the Iron condor that may or may not pose a problem. If stock moves above 540 it will go higher, if not the short sellers will take it down much lower, and if the market is in a nasty mood like today. Today the stock held very well despite […]

I have been so busy with this earnings seasons, have not spent much time writing. Making our money the old fashioned was- trading. Trading has been intense and sometimes downright brutal. Earnings season is  gift from heaven and the exploitation of trades and opportunities that it provides.  Many traders just make a whole bunch of […]

Index options trading. Well this week’s employment report was no comfort for that. US Non Farm payrolls lost 533,000 jobs in a single month. If you divide that by 30 days we are losing jobs at the rate of 17, 500 jobs per day, and its getting worse.This is the worst job loss reported in […]

IRON CONDOR is an option strategy used by professional traders and is a purely income generation tool. Iron condor is named as such because it carries protection and a guaranteed outcome with a high probability of success. IRON CONDOR Spread is the combination of a bullish vertical credit spread and a bearish vertical credit spread […]