Friday, February 23rd, 2018 ????? ???? ????/?????? ?? ????? ?????? ?? 16.01.2011 Delfin-S Eurodollar Forex Technical Analysis 16 January 2011 Related Posts:09 January 2011 Forex Eurodollar Review Delfin-S20 February 2011 Eurodollar Analysis Forex Review Delfin-S06 March 2011 Eurodollar Analysis Forex Review Delfin-S13 March 2011 Review Eurodollar, Dow Jones Analysis Delfin-S26 December 2010 Forex Eurodollar Review Delfin-S View full […]

US stock futures are trading mixed Wednesday following a strong earnings report from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and ahead of results from Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS). Fitch Ratings said that gross government borrowing in Europe is expected to fall sharply in 2011 due to large budget cuts as the debt crisis continues to weigh on the region.Economic reports […] Our daily update on the stock market on intraday charts. We have also included relative strength comparison against gold and silver that can help you choose the right market to trade. Finally we have analyzedt he stock FFIV after a member wanted to hear how we would apply our rules to that particular stock. […]

After some quick pre-London pips we found ourselves in a precarious position on the GBP/USD as the London session opened 3am EST. While cable was rising, and paying off on some longs after bouncing on the previous day’s 61.8 Fibonacci level, it was fast approaching the 1.51 area where we also had an overlapping 38.2 […]

Harvey Walsh of trades Nasdaq and NYSE stocks live. See how to make money daytrading, January 15th 2008. Related Sites How to Make Money Daily From Domain Flipping and Parking | Find … ETF DAILY NEWS » The Big Bullish Picture For Stocks (NYSE:SPY) Pelosi Aide's Very Conveeeeeeeeeeenient Stock Trades OTC Stocks in […]

Hello everyone. Todays video focuses on an update of the pound (previous video) and a quick look at what the Euro is doing. Enjoy! Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – ASIAN OUTLOOK MAY 12TH 2010 FOREX VIDEO – ASIAN OUTLOOK NOVEMBER 18TH 2009 FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK FEBRUARY 25TH 2010 FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK […]

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With a cue from USD/JPY starting to drop late in the Moscow session, we were able to build a trade plan on the weak British Pound and Yen as well. The GBP/JPY had bounced off of a 61.8 Fibonacci retracement Friday, filled a tiny gap from Sunday, and was then hovering around it’s 38.2 today. […]

The EUR/USD, which had been rising since the London open, managed to make a higher high during the first hour of today’s New York session. However, technical and fundamental analysis suggested that the recent rise might be merely a correction in the drop which began the previous day. The euro’s rise ended at exactly the […]

While Asia into pre-London offered us a fantastic short term GBP/JPY pullback long off of a weekly m1 reversal pivot point, London was setting up to offer us an even better reload to the downside direction that our Daily trap break began yesterday. In this video I discuss in detail how we pre-determined the area […]