Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

traders? lite know how to achieve superior business results, is s? at a power position? n in the market, when the odds est? n strongly in his favor. An important factor to consider in the selection process? N is an exchange? Analysis of industry group. Check the spec industry group? Chart of the population? N […]

The best traders and investors have different opinions in relation? N with the strategy of buy and hold. B? Basically, this strategy sets out that once you buy an action? N est? search, carried out during the years or even d? decades, no matter what?. The belief is that staying fully invested all the time […]

All the best traders and investors have a m? All they give? an advantage. Having an edge means that the odds, or probabilities est? N in their favor every time a trade is initiated. The m? All implemented depends on the philosophy? To individual traders. T can be based? Technique, based mainly, or a combination? […]

Top traders and investors know the most? To the money will be made? following the main trend. Entering and exiting the market trying to scalp is not usually a good idea. Money is playing the long swing. The key is to stay with his trade to win, to get an indication? No clear trend has […]

Trust is a character? Acoustic of the best traders and investors seem to have in abundance. They fully believe in their ability to achieve superior business results in the long term. The reason? N of this centers around trust with your doctor all of negotiation, use, and ability to apply psychology? A suitable trade. The […]

One of the main reasons why the best traders achieve best results, because they have a negotiation plan? N. A negotiation plan? N requires m? All, along with a money management system, the entry and exit rules. A negotiation plan? N also? N should give you an advantage, in other words, put the odds in […]

Richard Wyckoff was born? in 1873. At the age of 15 years, became? a broker, who come and go on Wall Street. At 25 years old, Wyckoff opened? his own brokerage office. This became? an important point of inflexibility? No trading career, as was in close contact with some of the legends m? s largest […]

I’ll be writing a series of art? Ass, entitled “The wisdom? A Stock Market-Learning for trade and legends.” Each p? Paragraph will contain? a different theme? general scope of the stock market. The idea is to make each p? Paragraph a learning experience, which better? of Education? No readers of trade in general, and in? […]

I thought I would conclude this series of learning with wisdom? To the stock market operator m? S greatest of all time, Jesse Livermore. I have it? Do, “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”, many times. Much of the excellent trading skills that I will share with you, this book is cl? Physical. What it is […]

Truly great traders and investors have developed a successful business mind-set. This allows them to observe, continuation, use, interpret correctly the individual actions, and the address? N also overall market? N. Most? To often, normal human nature does not work well trade in different markets. A normal thinking mind is not a good fit with […]