Saturday, January 20th, 2018

I WAS looking at investing in Some long hold (call) options on Cigna (CI) and United Health (UNH). During The downturn in the economy initial-between G. W. Bush and Obama-the markets Went Down and Took all the major stocks With It. I Was Saying That DURING reading something all the best That Time Health Care […]

? Cu? L is the average percentage of use of information? N privileged burs markets? Tiles as the Nasdaq and the Dow Jones? ? There have been attempts to measure the information? N prime, and if there are historical trends? Rich visible?

(Recorded 10/17/10) When the stock market turns, currency pairs in the Forex market follow almost simultaneously. Some Forex traders constantly watch the Dow even on very short time frames to either predict or confirm the movement of Forex pairs. At the time of this video we are right at a point when a long term […]

Do you know what a chip “blue” is value? What about the one “over the counter” stock is? You should. It is important to know the difference beginners stock trading. Overall, there is a difference in quality between the two. While there are other differences, traders tend to focus on just one of those classes […] – Forex Trading Strategy – Catch Every Major Trend With This Simple Method – Here we will look at the Forex trading method the real pros use to make money at FX trading, and you can use it too. The method we will look at is simple to understand and can make you triple […]