Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

With My system you can make money from the stock market during recession-no matter how bad the Economy gets-Click her and read more The market has seen nothing but down days since Obama was elected President on November 5, 2008, until Friday when it made a near 500 point rally to the upside. The market internals have been nothing […]

Stock market crashes happen in October and its happening again. This not not a correction or a sell off this is full fledged stock market crash. The losses for the year 2008 stand around 8.3 trillion dollars of stock market cap wiped off of our national wealth. Dow and the stock market opened down 700 […]

Index options trading, stock market trading, options strategies all have substantial risks at the moment Dow sank another 504 points and NASDAQ went down 108 points in the usual manner as they do these days. We are now in full fledged bear territory. The markets showed no signs of recovery and what ever they gained […]