Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

This is should come as no surprise to you as the Gov started widening investigation of Wall Street. We have seen so many Temper Tantrums since January that I am sick of writing about them. This is all what they can do- sell off everything into the sunset and hurting people and overall investments and […]

There was a rally on Wall Street, not the kind where the stock market runs up on some buying spree by handful of hedgefunds and big players when they want to jockey it. This was a people’s rally where thousands marched on Wall Street in protest and demanded big banks to own up their responsibility. […]

Well in a co-ordinated move with European Banks Feds slashed rates today. The Fed reduced its key rate from 2 percent to 1.5 percent. Bank of England cut its rate by half a point to 4.5 percent and the European Central Bank sliced its rate by half a point to 3.75 percent. Meanwhile Iceland is […]

Dow fell 800 points in a traumatic session, recovering towards the close in a spectacular rally fueled by some short covering and bargain hunters. NASDAQ and NDX both were down 156 and 120 before recovering half the losses. I think the losses were so huge that market couldn’t recover entirely and it time out. It […]