Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

After a three week non stop binge to the upside the market has finally corrected -for the relief of those who were getting tired every morning waking up and finding a new high never set before. It sounded like a broken record. The media was on fire. SPX, RUT, NDX  and everthing else kept moving […]

The problem with this market is it is hesitating to take out the old 2007 highs set way back before the Financial crisis hit in 2008. As if this will melt some forbidden icon that is at least has dominated our charts for the last 5.5 years. The sideways action has become a common place […]

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. The SPX is acting erractically and making lots of traders nervous. We had a real down day yesterday and you can see the bottoming tail there and than today we got a surprised gap to the upside. Most of the day markets traded quietly expecting the FOMC […]