Friday, January 19th, 2018

Apple has been on tear. Literally it tore from a base in March  around 80 and ran up to 170 as of yesterday. That is a 90 point gain in just under 6 months. Those of you who played AAPL earnings and held AAPL throughout its upward trajectory into the right hand side of the chart […]

Last 2 weeks we publicly posted few free trades on this site. There was a reason for that. A very simple reason indeed. How much money our trades make? Whats our trading record? We decided to do it publicly, and we can now show you, how its done.  Check the prices than and now as of today’s close June […]

The markets sold off heavily towards the close down 332 points, profit takers and hungry traders going home with pocket full of change to pay for milk and coffee. BEFORE that happened GOOGLE shot up to 324 and as a lurking opportunist I took profits, and I was right. Right after that Google fell apart […]