Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Ben Bernanke spoke after hours not to unsettle traders, but the futures traders reacted overnight while you and I were in lala land and pushed them high enough to gap the market double digits in the morning. This has been the story all along this rapid climb in the last few weeks. Bernanke said that […]

Happy 4th of July ! I know most people are on vacation or have been on vacation since Wednesday for this week. The market was closed on July 4th but on this Friday it did open full day and we had a very important monthly unemployment report that came out very strong. The unemployment report […]

The market $SPX climbed up over the 50 day moving average comfortably. So did all the indexes in the market. Which makes this move stronger and and solid. The market is still hounded by the Fiscal cliff which can destroy all these advances. This is not a time to be comfortably numb. Staying aware and […]

There are bad markets and people lose money and they swear they will never trade. Than when the market gets really really bad, a new trend develops and the new leaders take over. The winter passes and a new day begins. This is what is happening here. The slow down in the economy , high […]

What is a Golden Cross? It is an event when a 50 day moving average crosses 200 day moving average from underneath. It has all the bullish connotations. That means the market is bullish and that the long term outlook also has changed from sideways to a slight slant to the upside. If the market […]

There was a rally on Monday and the marker rested on Tuesday and today the market gaps open heavily on the upside. All the stocks gap up likewise. Its a work of professionals. They are jockeying this beast to heavens, Last week it was being pummeled to death and this week everything is hunky dory? […]

The Headline news risk remains high.. anything bad and the bears pounce on it. There is no shortage these days and so the market is  down below its 50 day moving averages on all three major indexes SPX, NDX and RUT.  The volumes are high suggesting institutions dumping shares. The internal on the market are […]

There are numerous reason for the market to be down.   Japan and the nuclear meltdown and Libya most importantly.  Bad news brings out bears and bears attack in droves and push the indexes down and crater leading stocks. SPX, RUT, NDX are all below their 50 day moving averages and in the hands of bears […]

Stock Market is a nations emotional barometer. Its a forward looking instrument and does not relies on the past, but on the future. Today the market is making new highs unseen since 2008. Do your remember 2008 ? When the world was ending with no light at the end of the tunnel? Hordes of doom […]

Top heavy market meets a sell off in the last hour of trading. Due to this sell program lots of selling came in in last 30 minutes of closing. Here is a quick video for the market… [Content protected for Gold members only] MEMBERS SIGN IN HERE This content is only available to members. If […]