Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

All of us saw the bruising debt crisis debate? All of us saw the eventual US credit downgrade? Specifically what you feel it did to the thought process of consumers and employers? It spooked them. In a fragile monetary economic climate any such detrimental stimulus towards the senses does a single issue only: It freezes […]

SPX is touching 1100 which is an important level, if we close above that is very bullish. The market is looking much better now. But lets not jump into excitement. I have seen too many sell offs in the last 3 months when Financial Reform Bill was being debated around including a flash crash on […]

Horrible numbers are hitting the market this morning, yet the stock market is up 200 points with major indexes posting 2% gains all around. Just one day after the Financial reform Bill is signed into the law of the land. Existing home sales dropped 5.1% tanking the real estate recovery,and the Labor department showed initial […]

President signed the Financial reform Bill into law today at a huge White house ceremony. American taxpayers =1 Wall Street =0 They fought it tooth and nail and lost. Lost to the will of American people who supported such reform otherwise we could not have 60 votes in the Senate. This is sweeping reform that […]

Major wall street reform has passed the Senate 60-39  and is sent to President for signature. Two years after a major financial crisis brought this country to it knees, a major  reform has been passed that will ensure nothing like this happens again. The bill has been President Obama’s top domestic priority after the passage […]

A watered down Financial Reform Bill mocks Mainstream America. In a morning showdown Senate and House reached a deal and a watered down measure passed. The Volcker rule banning banks prop trading was softened to 3% allowance and banks/Wall street gets to keep derivatives business. In other words in the final moments Wall Street scored […]

Stocks have fallen since the SEC decided to sue Goldman Sachs for fraud. This the one line nugget you can find on Yahoo Tech Ticker, and there are lots of other reasons there as well. But the main reason why this market crashed and burned with this much ferocity was the Financial Reform Act that […]

Jobs report came with 411K Gov + 41K private jobs added. That put the bears in control and the market was gapped down 200 points as usual. If you stop to think for a moment, Bush was losing 500K to 700K jobs a month this report was a honey pot compared to those nasty numbers […]

You can see that in market action. More good news poured in, existing home sales were up. Like spring flowers in bloom, there is good news everywhere about the economy . This acts like gangbusters for normal markets, but we don’t have a normal market anymore. Last Thursday’s horrific sell off when Senate passed the […]

Senate passes Financial reform Bill 59-39 national anger  pours at  Wall Street. The Culture of Greed perhaps has come to a halt. This is a comprehensive sweeping reform the biggest since Depression Era of 1930s. Watch the video. [FLOWPLAYER=http://indexoptionstrading.alliancemtg.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/2010-05-20_WSTREET.mp4,570,350] According to Huffington Post ” In its broad sweep, the massive bill would touch Wall Street […]