Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Americans are rightfully disgusted by politicians and businesses and particularly Wall Street  is that no one is held responsible for the behavior that launched a crushing recession and threw 8  million people unemployed in America. It all started with Wall Street and perhaps will end with Wall Street. Wall Street has ruined the economy and […]

There is a battle going on between Obama and Wall Street. Market has been down past one week since Obama spoke about curbing  high risk trading and new banking regulations. Wall Street is no stranger to temper tantrums. When cornered from greed and wayward means of achieving gains it blusters. It blusters in the form […]

President Obama whips Wall street On the very day world’s largest investment bank Goldman Sachs reported stellar earnings, President Obama chose to make an assault on the banking structure. Was the timing a mere coincidence ? Maybe not but it was a clear message to the Wall street we will harness your excesses and the […]