Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Feds raised the rates today Feb 19, 2010. Stock market cannot ignore this. Wall Street’s reckless deeds under Bush and Cheney brought this country’s financial system to its knees and they can’t even ignore this. In fact they have not ignored this since last March 9, 2009. But they had a Temper Tantrum recently that […]

It wasn’t GREECE. It was GREED. It wasn’t the dollar carry trade it was sheer anger and revenge on our President. The climax of a heated battle between President Obama and the 50 or so FAT CAT Bankers who are now in jeopardy and  whose vagrant and irresponsible lifestyles  should soon be history. Greed on […]

Is this stock market crash of 2010? Looks like it is the way BIG BOYS on Wall Street are orchestrating this. This is a mini controlled crash, a crash where the participants are in control and they know when to stop the ball rolling. Right now they are stomping the market with both feet and […]

It all started on the day Goldman Sachs earnings came  out. President Obama mistakenly chose to rebuke Wall Street on that occasion, and put forth threat of new banking regulations. At that point market was doing fine, no worries trading in a nice tight range  which was overbought. Within minutes the very same day SPX […]

Obama spoke and the market dives.  Understood. Nothing wrong with that. Wall Street has expressed its anger and rage over it. They didn’t like it one bit.When ever these people get angry and depressed they start selling  things off. This is their knee jerk reaction. They know nothing better than to kick their Golden Goose […]