Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

  Since the start of New Year stocks have been barreling to the upside killing bears and short sellers alike in a hurry. The shorts have disappeared completely. The earning season is also reaping rewards. Most S&P 500 companies have hit high marks this month and continue to dazzle institutional buyers. AAPL, NFLX and others […]

Stock Market is again moving lower and ended at lowest point since November but not undercutting November lows. SPX and NDX still have some room to go down before they violate November lows. We are in trading range if these lows held up in coming week and may see a bounce.  Gold lately has been […]

With the market having a follow through day on July 29th , 2008 it seems like we are headed higher from here for sometime, unless we get one or more distribution days and that undercuts the rally. With about 15 days into expiration left, and NDX being stuck in narrow sideways channel, here is the […]

Trading for a living is an extremely lucrative lifestyle that suits many people. Every trader dreams of living a life where he controls everything around him except the markets which work independently of his her control. The privileges for being a full time trader are numerous. The working hours are great 5-6 hrs a day and […]