Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Hi Folks A very nice day was had if you are a dollar bear and looked at the previous day as pullbacks. This video provides a wonderful example of how we entered a AUD/USD trade based off long-term support, what got us in and why. I am looking for dollar weakness to continue and looking […]

Hi Everyone For todays video, I am taking a look at the NZD/JPY pair. It looks to me like we have some short-term upside before long-term down side. I hope in the next 24 hours of trading, we can get a long to take us up to the 63.00 area and for the rest of […]

Looking back at the U.S dollar performance against other currency pairs indicates an unpredictable trend but a stable currency. The U.S dollar is the most traded currency in the world against other major pairs, such as the Euro and the Japanese Yen. Let’s take a look at the U.S dollar future against the major currency […]

G-20 Agrees to Refrain from Competitive Devaluations. USD resumes decline Related Posts: Forex Daily Report 11 October FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK JANUARY 5TH 2010 Forex Technical Update 8/17/2010 – Mixed USD Trading; Euro Firms while Pound Slides FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK MARCH 2ND 2010 FOREX VIDEO – PRE LONDON OUTLOOK OCTOBER 7TH 2009 […]

As we expected, the dollar stayed on track and made further gains. Data out of the EU and the US put pressure on short dollar positions and a flight to safety continued, along with declining equity prices. Durable Goods Orders and New Home Sales out of the US came in below expectations; fundamentally this would […]

SELL-OFF or CORRECTION. The current price movement has definitely confirmed only one thing — volatility will continue to reign supreme. The move in favor of the dollar is most likely another correction before a likely retest of 1.41 and then a go ahead to 1.45. The question at this point is how long will this […]

We may now be seeing the final leg down in favor of the dollar. Initially, price action during the Asian session and during the first several hours of the London session was dollar bearish and we anticipated a further retracement, perhaps as high as 1.4100 vs. the euro; however, it all turned around and the […]

This week should be testing ground for the dollar — either continuation and further weakness or a possible reversal in light that the current exchange rates have already priced in the Quantitative Easing 2 and traders may take the time this week to “buy the fact”, as they’ve already sold on the rumor. We won’t […]

Were looking for dollar bulls to give up tonight and allow the dollar continue its slide. We are confident that the next 24 hours may be the push weve been looking for. Yesterdays comments out of Fitch Ratings in regards to the UK possibly being the first to lose their AAA sovereign rating sent the […]

Hey everyone, today is a unique video in that Im posting it significantly earlier than I typically do, in addition to my normal analysis I also respond to an email question regarding my daily trading routine and approach. Perhaps this is of some interest to you. Along with this discussion I outline a conservative Cable […]