Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The financial markets have spoken their opinion about the Tuesdays election very clearly in simple easy terms: Massive sell offs. The Wall Street and the people who run this stock market have also spoken via a normal public relations channel called relentless sell offs. There should be no doubt in your mind what they mean […]

Slow earnings from GOOG, MCD, and GE created a genuine reason to sell this market off. But what exactly is happening here? Lets backtrack from yesterday. GOOG was very extended from its run from July 17th till October 5th without any breaks. This stock was moving upwards without any relief. It remained overbought for 3 […]

These two stocks are still below their 50 day moving averages. They are under the control of shorts. Shorts keep tearing down any stock below the 50 day moving average, till someone comes along and lift them above it. That is where the funds, money managers and a host of investors take positions. The stock […]

SPX is buoyed by QE3 and is headed higher so far . All eyes are on the monthly job report tomorrow and the expectation is 113,000 jobs added with an unemployment rate stuck at 8.1 percent. In the event of a non horrible job number the market should move higher because its oversold. Last week’s […]

Here are some bullish charts for this week. The move in GOOG my have been over as it nears its top. There is an exhaustion gap and and its also hitting Bollinger bands hard. GOOG had very good run in the last 2 weeks and still in an uptrend, unless broken. Please click on charts […]

Sun eclipse has something to do with the stock market. It is exploding to the upside in a sharp rally off its lows set on Friday. I am just kidding. The market is exploding to the upside because of extremely oversold readings on the charts. The market was oversold over two weeks of losses straight […]

US economy and European worries are driving these down turns in the stock market. Will this be the end of stock market ? How much selling can go on? I don’t have the answer for the last question rest of them are in the video you can watch. The big money is fixated with Greece […]

The stock market is in a correction. How deep and penetrating this correction will be only stock pundits and fortune tellers can hawk those numbers to you. As a Technical analyst I can only show you where it has been and what you can expect based on the charts itself. We don’t predict the stock […]

The market is selling off. All major indexes are down 1 or 1.5 percent and VIX has jumped up 1.5 points. Most of the leaders are under pressure and they are down from $5 to $15 at the moment. The sell off may continue here, unless we pull up over 1400 on SPX and close […]

Just a little not much.. This the intraday chart on SPX, please click to enlarge. The market is certainly pulling back here and the upside momentum is on hold. SPX is down 12 points and RUT down 11.5 at this writing. The stochastic is showing a curve at the top in lower pane on daily […]