Monday, January 22nd, 2018

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I use Scottrade They Are and What You Can limited in trade. Either No spreads or straddles.

a basic intro about the trading software i use, the price i pay to use this is 0.00 and it works as great as services you pay 50.00 a month for.

I have traded with Scottrade but s? which is not good for trade with third-party broker. I need a day trading platform. ? Anyone have a good idea and experience in this field?

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If you use this stock trading platform, this video will help explain how to set it up for fast money trades. If you use another platform, you can get the gist of it here and set up your platform to best fit the idea. This video is courtesy of Thanks. NDX Nasdaq 100 Index OptionsTrading “Online Stock Trading Platform” 1950 Call vs 1950 Put. SMF Stock Trading Online Stock Trading Platform vs “The Retail Public” Platforms SMF offers the ability to trade stocks, options SMF “Online Trading Platform” Features • Professional charting and technical analysis. • Automated trading via a flexible built-in scripting language. […]