Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Hi, again i am Asking this question. Bought shares at 28. 09Sold 25 CALL for $ 2. 542 days to expiration date. Market price 27. 39The holder exercises the option right, and buys the shares at 25 and sells for Them 27. 39. His profit is equal to 2. 39 minus the fees. That’s less […]

? Cu? L is the average percentage of use of information? N privileged burs markets? Tiles as the Nasdaq and the Dow Jones? ? There have been attempts to measure the information? N prime, and if there are historical trends? Rich visible?

the stock market is certainly one of the ways m? s profit of the investment? n if done with prudence and with the support and orientation? n ideal. The concept of negotiation? N was reserved s? What individual investors had to trade in a flat in negotiation? N real. But over time this process has […]

I’m new to trading. I took a class in options trading and I mean everything I can read about trade, schedules, money management etc. I want to start with a considerable account ~ $ 20,000. 00 is not eliminated so quickly while I’m doing a feeling for the market. Can I get a loan for […]

I have 18 years and I have an interest in investing in the stock market in blue chip stocks using a variety of investment techniques such as following the trends and buying what I call “sure things” after the investigation. I thought about buying and selling stocks with things such as CFDs, the stakes and […]

When I turn 18 who wants to get into the idea of buying and selling shares through the options and their different strategies. I read books on the subject and I am beginning to understand much better. I was wondering if it is possible to maintain a long stock position and take a quick to […]