Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

3 Horrible job reports in a row, nothing less. Trifecta of horrible jobs reports have hit this second quarter. According to labor department 80,000 new jobs were added in the month of June , making it a most dismal quarter this year 2012. The economy is also lurching and grinding with poor numbers all around. […]

The description couldn’t be better as Scott Blier founder of create Capital says “ Ben Bernanke is like Pavlov and Wall Street is like Pavlov’s dog”. The dog is trained to respond the way the master rings the bell. As long as Bernanke is there to pick up the pieces, the market is there to […]

The Super committee entrusted to cut debt spending 1.2 Trillion dollars has failed. Its deadlocked as expected and we are back where we were in August. Stocks have taken a cue in the past and will go down for few more days. Market does not like this kind uncertainty on top of European debt woes […]

After a long and brutal Summer, its about time to get back at the Golden goose and make it lay some eggs. The Golden Goose almost got slaughtered in July and August, but never harmed. It always manages to operate its way out of it under some pretext and alibi. Well that is true. Fall […]

All of us saw the bruising debt crisis debate? All of us saw the eventual US credit downgrade? Specifically what you feel it did to the thought process of consumers and employers? It spooked them. In a fragile monetary economic climate any such detrimental stimulus towards the senses does a single issue only: It freezes […]

Senate passed the debt ceiling bill today with a bi-partisan vote 76-24. This takes off the threat of US default on its debt obligations and possible credit downgrades which may still happen. The world will live and US markets will live ,because today is August 2 , 2011 and if this bill had not passed, […]

S&P downgrades US Treasury debt for the first time in history sending financial markets into turmoil. The market plunged 300 points at the open and now is extremely oversold here. This downgrade was no surprise and the wrangling in Congress over debt ceilings last two weeks have contributed to the negative outlook. S&P further downgraded […]

The Economy is faltering as you have seen on TV and news media.There is a lack of creation of jobs and high gas prices and real estate prices going in for a double dip recession. This does NOT sits well with the stock market. The market is in a  gradual sell off. Nothing violent or […]

Well we have good months and bad ones. Last 5 weeks the market has been on the side of bears. They have managed to take control again and head winds in the economy have helped their cause. The selling in the last 6 session has been non stop and we broke the 50 day moving […]

There are time when It does not makes sense to trade at all. There are people who are very good at shorting stocks and taking them to cleaners. The market always presents these cycles every now and than. The stock market never stays the same that’s for sure. Since Bin Laden’s death announcement May 2, […]