Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Home Page: Watch Us Trade Live An Affinity Day Trader demonstrates the companies scalping methods by showing his live trading. Affinity provides day trading stock education as well as career opportunities for stock market proprietary trading. This type of trading requires access with special stock brokers that provide direct floor routes and extremely […]

Join us for our next free Scalp Trading Workshop here: Affinity Trading Group is a Proprietary Trading Firm that provides trading courses on Scalp Trading, Day Trading and Swing Trading for both the Stock and Forex markets. This July 26 video is a live session…

I have been invited for an interview to make property transactions in shares in New York. For all I know is that I will trade capital of the company and continuing education to be taught and the tools for good behavior. I do not know anything about proprietary trading. Is the trade inside the building […]