Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Economic Collapse Update September 1, 2009 The stock markets lost over 2% on Tuesdays trading session. We are now seeing signs of a possible top with the VIX showing signs, the volume of trade today, September usually being the worst month in stocks along with this being the time the prophecies have for hard times. […]

hukum forex trading di internet adalah haram. Related Posts: Apakah Hukum Perniagaan FOREX | Jenis Forex Yang Haram | Hukum Perniagaan Forex | FOREX VIDEO – PRE LONDON OUTLOOK SEPTEMBER 25TH 2009 Forex News and Technical Analysis by 28 September 2009 Forex Trading Outlook – DailyFX News September 2, 2009 Forex Trading Outlook – […]

Forex trading example with live trade by Chris Mathis Related Posts: FOREX trading example with Vic Noble October 8, 2010 Forex weekly review 19 – 23 April 2010.wmv FOREX trading example with Vic Noble September 24th 2010 Forex – UFXBank – Weekly Outlook -31-May-2010 :40-32- English Forex – UFXBank – Weekly Outlook – 24-May-2010 :40-33- […]

As most of you know, trading the forex markets is quite a personalized endeavor, and trading styles can vary greatly from one trader to another. What suits one person is totally unsuitable to another, for lots of different reasons. Some traders prefer to trend trade, whereas others like to look for counter-trend trading opportunities, and […]

TMX Group – Consolidated Trading Statistics September 2010 TMX Group Inc. today announced September 2010 trading statistics for its diversified group of exchanges – Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, Montreal Exchange and Natural Gas Exchange . Read more on CNW Group via Yahoo! Finance Related Sites Yahoo Finance app for Android launched | Mobile […]

As we started London today we started showing signs of continued USD weakness on the US Index chart, as well as a very definable price trap on the GBP/USD. These two things together caused us to zoom into the GBP/USD as it started testing the Apex of the triangle right before the London open. Sure […]

Hi everyone, for this presentation I concentrate on the Euro USD. I think the Euro has become extremely extended and depending where we start the London session today I think it may be time to start looking for a few days of dollar strength. Good luck!! David Pegler Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK […]

Hi everyone, for todays outlook video I respond to a few requests I have received by taking a look at Euro Yen specifically as well as Cable and our daily bread the Euro Pound cross. I have been really concentrating on the Euro Pound this week as it has provided us with a very accurate […]

At the open of today’s European session, major central banks announced a coordinated move to improve liquidity conditions in the global financial markets. The EUR/USD rose in response and managed to break above resistance of the 100-pip range which had defined the pair’s previous 12 hours of price action. A 100-pip trade was the outcome […]

Today’s London session was setup for a bit of a grind. Here were were running up to resistance/support on many pairs from Asia, Asia had stolen our pips. Yet this was long term S&R (daily/4hr), meaning it may very well take the entire London session to start to roll over. Our job was to navigate […]