Monday, December 18th, 2017

so. . . Basically I Happen To Have $ 50k and About Being a software developer and a trader (amateur…) – I am thinking to create and advertise a software professional investment management. Obviously I am planning to include features That Can not Be found free online (or at least hard to find…). Like: Calculating […]

One of the best way to make good buying stocks is when to Decisions by using stock trading software. This is important for someone Especially Taking the final steps in jumping Into the world of trading stocks. These easy to use products Often can do a great amount to take the guess work out of […]

Will cost how much stock to Develop a trading software? That anyone know pls forward mei mean just like trading platform PLUS OR REDI Sterling Financial systems’ s stock trading platform

No Technical Analysis – Learn to Trade Like a Hedge Fund Manager! Easy to Use MS Excel Financial Models for All Types Trading Profit whether or not a stock/option/future is going up or down! More than 150+ Pages of Trading Discussions, Market Making, and Trading Strategies Same Day Shipping (If order is placed before 5PM […]

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I bought from the Day Trading Robot http://hardcoresoftware. net and love it and why it Can See for swing trading is best But what is the best software for free? I guess no one wants to trust Their money to a free program just for kicks But or practice, what would the software be?

I am currently using: Fidelity Active Trader Pro Investments, But That is not good enough. I need something very powerful and required with add on indicators. Please help! Thanks!

Due to Some amazing Candlestick Pattern Recognition software, the options trading game Has Been changed permanently. As options traders Become more familiar level of sophistication With This in terms of candlestick patterns Identifying Earlier They Are Able to Quickly and Easily change Their options trades, spreads and margin and Their Quickly adjust to an ever […]

I’d like to get the software That Was Used in Wall Street 2 – Such software does exist teh With All charts and that?

I Have opionon historical value and really dont want to spend to much money on something That is usless, so if anyone know please respond and let me know if I’ve come out and said That I perfers a particular software for picking stocks?