Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The media becomes ripe with innuendo and speculation once the market starts tanking. They sell the news. There were many people mouthing off 5 % to 8% correction yesterday on major news channels. One thing you need to remember these are opinions- not facts- not anything close to being a market technician and they are […]

This the second time since Thursday the SPX has visited the 50 day moving average. After bouncing off nicely and enjoying the ride based on Fridays unemployment report, basically the market went nowhere and slammed again almost touching the 50 day line. Many other stocks have also touched the 50 day or broke through it. […]

Today is the last day of the full week of trading in 2012. The market opened with a big gap to the downside and still has not recovered yet as of this writing 9:00 AM PST. Reason? Fiscal cliff talks have failed to commit both parties to an agreement. Market was disappointed by the lack […]

The two day old rally came to halt and stock took a breather as the comments from White house regarding a veto threat on the GOP proposal dampened the enthusiasm. The market has shown similar behavior whenever something negative is spoken politically about fiscal cliff. Fiscal cliff does not mean that on January I, 2013 […]

Here is a daily chart of AAPL, see if you agree with the pattern.  Most Technicians would have varying opinions some out of disbelief, and some out of total conviction. But we need to put internal evaluations aside and look what the charts are telling us. The trend in AAPL is nothing but down for […]

Market uptrend is still intact as you can see in this video. The individual stocks are not in uptrend specially the biggest stock AAPL that dragged the Nasdaq down with it. There were technical and tax reasons and news that blasted a furious move to the downside. The stock opened with a gap and was […]

This is an overbought market that failed to catch the 50 day moving average. The reversal yesterday didn’t extend heavily into the market and it still finished above 1407 the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement levels. The next stop is 1392 the 38.2 % level. Most leading stocks finished where they and down a bit but AAPl […]

Please click bottom right to view full screen The Fibonacci analysis is sometime very helpful to determine the levels of retracement’s in the markets. SPX and the markets simply don’t go up straight. Take a look at this video in addition today’s video. This could be a move to the downside. At least caution is […]

There are time when It does not makes sense to trade at all. There are people who are very good at shorting stocks and taking them to cleaners. The market always presents these cycles every now and than. The stock market never stays the same that’s for sure. Since Bin Laden’s death announcement May 2, […]

Stock Market is a nations emotional barometer. Its a forward looking instrument and does not relies on the past, but on the future. Today the market is making new highs unseen since 2008. Do your remember 2008 ? When the world was ending with no light at the end of the tunnel? Hordes of doom […]