Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The market is making historic highs, the DOW is at the highest and now SPX is also challenging the 2007 highs set before the financial crisis of 2008 took hold of this country and the sheer devastation that took place. All those economic worries, those hard years and near death of the stock market is […]

The stock market is making new highs in 2 years. Yes we have come a long way if we look back at those dark depressive days of December 2008 when nothing, nothing was working right. There was a complete mood of depressive psychosis that the world was ending. Markets were being sold off as if […]

Feds raised the rates today Feb 19, 2010. Stock market cannot ignore this. Wall Street’s reckless deeds under Bush and Cheney brought this country’s financial system to its knees and they can’t even ignore this. In fact they have not ignored this since last March 9, 2009. But they had a Temper Tantrum recently that […]

Is this stock market crash of 2010? Looks like it is the way BIG BOYS on Wall Street are orchestrating this. This is a mini controlled crash, a crash where the participants are in control and they know when to stop the ball rolling. Right now they are stomping the market with both feet and […]

Top heavy market meets a sell off in the last hour of trading. Due to this sell program lots of selling came in in last 30 minutes of closing. Here is a quick video for the market… [Content protected for Gold members only] MEMBERS SIGN IN HERE This content is only available to members. If […]

I am happy to see 2008 coming to a close. The year is over almost, not yet though at the time of this post. Oh what a year this has been. I cannot recall another horrific year since 1992 when George Bush Sr was President and the economy collapsed and a young new face named […]

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