Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

This is a bull market and it can upset all the weak of heart traders and bears. The market has been extremely overbought in the past few weeks , yet it keeps going higher inch by inch and has shown no signs of pullback. At least we should see some drop somewhere, because nothing goes […]

Those of you waiting for the market to crash and burn, I got news for you. This is not 2008. We don’t see roller coaster rides 400 points up and 600 points down. It used to be that a 300 point movement in DJIA was considered nothing. Not any more.  Not now. Since Obama administration […]

Today is September 11, 2009 a somber day for many traders in New York  8 years ago. Market action bit overbought. Indexes all retreating a bit in early sessions, tick positive. Here is quick re-cap of whats happening now. [FLOWPLAYER=http://indexoptionstrading.alliancemtg.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/MA091109/MA091109.mp4,540,333]

Today is 09/09/09. You and I will never see this number again not in 100 years. Its our lucky day or what ? Fed says the worst recession since World War 2 is over. The market looks robust, yet dipping back into the channel. Take a look… This is the kind of videos you get […]

With the unemployment rate bolting to 8.1% and 600,000 jobs being lost every month US economy is in a severe recession. This in turn has kept the stock market from making any promising advances. Last week SPX broke down below 700 levels the lowest in 12 years. Technical picture is now bearish and not sideways […]

The month came in like a Lion and went out like a lamb. Net effect not much. Markets are trading in a range after stock markets major declines from last year, building confidence, and a floor, perhaps from where markets may launch higher. There was no shortage of bad new all month long. Lots of bad […]