Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

The stock market is making new highs in 2 years. Yes we have come a long way if we look back at those dark depressive days of December 2008 when nothing, nothing was working right. There was a complete mood of depressive psychosis that the world was ending. Markets were being sold off as if […]

The stock market had another horrific sell off as Senate nears a historic vote. Here is the quote: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid predicted that several Republicans will break from their party tomorrow morning, likely thwarting a financial reform filibuster. “A number of senators, Republican senators, have told me they will vote for cloture,” Reid […]

This is should come as no surprise to you as the Gov started widening investigation of Wall Street. We have seen so many Temper Tantrums since January that I am sick of writing about them. This is all what they can do- sell off everything into the sunset and hurting people and overall investments and […]

There was a rally on Wall Street, not the kind where the stock market runs up on some buying spree by handful of hedgefunds and big players when they want to jockey it. This was a people’s rally where thousands marched on Wall Street in protest and demanded big banks to own up their responsibility. […]

GS has been on a tear, clearing 50, 200 day Moving averages on good volumes.  The stock may pull back here to 165 its 50 day which should act as support. Here is a quick chart on GS stock that has one more hurdle to clear. The downward trend line. Once that is done, it […]

Wall Street gathered more than $20B in bonuses in 2009 as recession plagued US While the whole nation was quagmired in a punishing recession Walls Street was back to its old ways. After being bailed out by your taxpayer dollars, they take huge bonuses while the country still rocks under double digit unemployment. I guess […]

Here is whats happening in the stock market. Market is pulling back after major run ups in the past 2 weeks. Conditions overbought and its working its way down to neutral  conditions. Its an orderly pull back without the nastiness and anger markets have shown last month. These conditions are great for dip buying and […]

Here is a chart that is making waves on the Internet and media. Every picture tells a story , have you heard the Rod Stewart song ? Well this one speaks of itself. We have come  a long way since 2008. Do you remember the dark wintry nights of 2008 ? The world was coming […]

Huh?  Why not kill the Stock market and be done with it one day ? Not so, not from our greedy friends who own this market. They are too swept up in greed and lust for money they can never think of doing this. Yes when they get angry ( like this past month) they […]

It all started on the day Goldman Sachs earnings came  out. President Obama mistakenly chose to rebuke Wall Street on that occasion, and put forth threat of new banking regulations. At that point market was doing fine, no worries trading in a nice tight range  which was overbought. Within minutes the very same day SPX […]