Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The market is in the hands of bears today.They have an upper hand. No use fighting this. We have been talking about it for most of this month. We know what is causing it. Let me recap the same thing again. It was war drums that spiked Oil futures and the gas prices went to […]

First quarter of the year is nearly over. Here comes the part Window Dressing !  Fund managers, Hedge funds, and miscellaneous investors on wall street are invigorating their windows by selling off some the stocks and buying some which have fallen by the way side. The quarter should look very good because the stock market […]

Despite high gas prices and other constraints on the economy stocks rallied hard towards fresh highs. The reason : News, good news.  the economy is still in shambles and delicately poised to lose steam if gas and oil prices keep hovering higher. But the stock market is rallying hard driven by the news. Click on […]

What goes up must come down Law of gravity, law of nature and the law of stock market. Nothing stays up forever. You throw a ball it comes down, you have an apple in the tree it falls and higher it is bigger the fall. This is what is happening around a stock named AAPL […]

The stock market seems to swoosh past many investors these day as it clears the resistance of 200 day moving averages. Now investors are chasing the bus literally. It has gone past them quickly. Last year was no picnic in the park , but this year is turning out to be much fair to the […]

Where is my Santa Claus Rally? I want to know. Its all discussed endlessly this year. Today the market broke out from its strong Flag like pattern formed since December 5, 2011. Take a look here. We talked about it last night in the daily video. The market tried to rally last week and ended […]

The market just crossed a major hurdle the 1300 level for the first time since August 1 2011 almost five months after that horrible Summer. The trend is not visible to most untrained eyes. Take a look here is this a channel? Was it visible earlier ? No. That is what happens when data is […]

Market trading on European Politics The market has been fleeced by whats coming out of Europe. Its been months one thing after another which keeps nagging the market trajectory. The situation seems to get better and than it reverses back to bad and the headlines keeps driving the market. Basically its the Europe headlines the […]

WOW! Are we back in the saddle again? Not so fast. There will be time we will, ride those wild wild horses, they couldn’t drag me away. That was a line I stole from Rolling Stone’s song and distorted it. Actually butchered it. The market crashed last week and it looked like the world will […]

Its been rough this last week in trading stocks or equities. For seven straight sessions the market has gone down. SPX has plunged from 1260 to 1158 just about 100 points in a week. That is an extreme and shakes up weak hands, people give up and sell and take a loss. But what it […]