Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Today is the last day of the full week of trading in 2012. The market opened with a big gap to the downside and still has not recovered yet as of this writing 9:00 AM PST. Reason? Fiscal cliff talks have failed to commit both parties to an agreement. Market was disappointed by the lack […]

The two day old rally came to halt and stock took a breather as the comments from White house regarding a veto threat on the GOP proposal dampened the enthusiasm. The market has shown similar behavior whenever something negative is spoken politically about fiscal cliff. Fiscal cliff does not mean that on January I, 2013 […]

The market $SPX climbed up over the 50 day moving average comfortably. So did all the indexes in the market. Which makes this move stronger and and solid. The market is still hounded by the Fiscal cliff which can destroy all these advances. This is not a time to be comfortably numb. Staying aware and […]

SPX tried to penetrate 50 day moving average and was rejected. That is normal, it will make another attempt. The gap open in early session didn’t have enough commitment from the bulls. The move faded almost immediately. From there on it was all downhill towards the close with lower lows and lower highs. Most of […]

The gap down today scared many investors at the open it was a continuation move from yesterdays Fiscal Cliff comments. Some stocks opened with a scary gap like AAPL. the good thing is the day ended with great closes in PCLN and GOOG both registering big gains. There were many stocks participating the the rally […]

The financial markets have spoken their opinion about the Tuesdays election very clearly in simple easy terms: Massive sell offs. The Wall Street and the people who run this stock market have also spoken via a normal public relations channel called relentless sell offs. There should be no doubt in your mind what they mean […]

Slow earnings from GOOG, MCD, and GE created a genuine reason to sell this market off. But what exactly is happening here? Lets backtrack from yesterday. GOOG was very extended from its run from July 17th till October 5th without any breaks. This stock was moving upwards without any relief. It remained overbought for 3 […]

The reason is very simple, third quarter ending in few days, window dressing and major holiday tomorrow. One of the Fed officials Charles Plosser decried that QE3 may not work as effectively in his speech today. If you want to believe in Fed speak, that QE3 is not going to work, that is OK. But […]

Feds didn’t provide what the market needed after yesterdays FOMC meeting. The market was looking for some gift, some drug  as it is dependent on it for continued uplift and its mood, instead it got a muted response from the Feds. They did however say they will provide assistant if needed, and closely monitoring the […]

There are bad markets and people lose money and they swear they will never trade. Than when the market gets really really bad, a new trend develops and the new leaders take over. The winter passes and a new day begins. This is what is happening here. The slow down in the economy , high […]