Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Today’s non -horrible jobs report put the indexes back on the roll again. The non farm payrolls data was in line of expectations of 157,000 jobs which is what the market has been getting for the last three months. The last two months payroll numbers were also revised upwards. But the unemployment rate notched up […]

The stock market is making new highs in 2 years. Yes we have come a long way if we look back at those dark depressive days of December 2008 when nothing, nothing was working right. There was a complete mood of depressive psychosis that the world was ending. Markets were being sold off as if […]

RUT finally slicing through 50 day Moving average. A close above 600 is bullish for the overall market  in general/ Small caps have been lagging in this rally. Please click on charts to enlarge. PCLN a nice bull flag may lead to higher prices AAPL breaking out from base at 205 may lead to higher […]

IF you are not an Aerosmith fan you don’t know what I am talking about here. Its a great song. Listen to Classic FM stations you will know what I mean. Anyways we had a nasty sell off  in the Stock market and it it made us feel very vulnerable due to the ravages of […]

Here is a quick look at market update on October 19, 2009.