Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Market gapped down at the open. The move was well engineered and set up. There was nothing you could have done. Now it’s a question where this leads to and if we can find some excuses to rationalize this move. European markets bailout and Greece and Spain. While the fundamentals at home keeps on improving […]

Feds raised the rates today Feb 19, 2010. Stock market cannot ignore this. Wall Street’s reckless deeds under Bush and Cheney brought this country’s financial system to its knees and they can’t even ignore this. In fact they have not ignored this since last March 9, 2009. But they had a Temper Tantrum recently that […]

Is this stock market crash of 2010? Looks like it is the way BIG BOYS on Wall Street are orchestrating this. This is a mini controlled crash, a crash where the participants are in control and they know when to stop the ball rolling. Right now they are stomping the market with both feet and […]