Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

How to Hedge in any markets 5 Strategies Jay Pestrichelli describes why investors should hedge in any markets. Hedding can be done with options or simple strategies. if you are a portfolio holder hedges can be done with married puts and selling options on your stocks. Todays volatile markets have large swings on daily basis […]

What the heck is Time Bomb Butterfly ? Have you heard about this before ? Not if you have not watched Dan Sheridan of CBOE and his classical videos. Time Bomb Butterfly is a speculative trade , usually a directional bet and if you are right it pays you back 7 x to 10 x […]

AMZN is a stock that never ceases to amaze. The stock has been in a tight consolidation for over a month  and now is breaking out to the upside. What kind of option strategy would you prefer to use? There are lots of them. But here is the strategy we have employed.[Content protected for Gold […]

This is an options expiration trade.  IF RUT stays between these two break even points profits should result in just one day. The trade can be managed easily by observing its break even points. The trade can be closed if RUT trades beyond these points [Content protected for Gold members only]

These are the types of trades we provide in our members area. If you liked this actionable trade please join today RIMM has been bouncing around between 200 day moving average and Aprils earnings gap it created sometime back. It seems to breakout on stronger volumes only to get  pummeled by short sellers. This stock […]

Here is a quick video on on some of the major names reporting this week and how we will play their earnings. These stocks have been on a tear in the expectation that earnings will be blockbuster.

Top heavy market meets a sell off in the last hour of trading. Due to this sell program lots of selling came in in last 30 minutes of closing. Here is a quick video for the market… [Content protected for Gold members only] MEMBERS SIGN IN HERE This content is only available to members. If […]

This is a bull market and it can upset all the weak of heart traders and bears. The market has been extremely overbought in the past few weeks , yet it keeps going higher inch by inch and has shown no signs of pullback. At least we should see some drop somewhere, because nothing goes […]

Stock Market is again moving lower and ended at lowest point since November but not undercutting November lows. SPX and NDX still have some room to go down before they violate November lows. We are in trading range if these lows held up in coming week and may see a bounce.  Gold lately has been […]

The month came in like a Lion and went out like a lamb. Net effect not much. Markets are trading in a range after stock markets major declines from last year, building confidence, and a floor, perhaps from where markets may launch higher. There was no shortage of bad new all month long. Lots of bad […]