Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

What do successful traders do ? They avoid bigger losses and that way they have more gains than losses to count for. They trade when the odds are in their favor and chances of losses minimal. Institutional traders are different because they trade both ways and successfully control the market which is a finite domain. […]

Having difficulty getting in and out of SPX orders? Frustrated with executions? Calling your order desk and debating them only to hear that you to need execute orders at the bid and ask prices ? What a bunch on nonsense that is. Well you are not alone. If you are going to trade SPX, RUT […]

Shares of Netflix have rebounded 40 percent in just 5 session in 2012. Why? There is a  story behind it. The worst performing stock of 2011 that dropped from 300 to 67 in just under 3 month period is now making a comeback. You know in stock market the memories are on short lease. Those […]

How to Hedge Index options trading- Protecting Profits and Trading Capital Its a well known secret for fund and portfolio mangers. Fund Managers regularly spend a portion of their trading portfolio protecting against eventual losses in case the markets drop suddenly causing pain and havoc to their portfolios. Its called portfolio insurance, and its like […]

We have 2 more days to end this expiration cycle. Our last trade on RUT should expire worthless if all goes well. We have closed all other trades with a nice profitable month. The July portfolio is is up 9.5% so far and with the RUT trade finishing this week it should raise the final […]

Index options trading, stock market trading, options strategies all have substantial risks at the moment Dow sank another 504 points and NASDAQ went down 108 points in the usual manner as they do these days. We are now in full fledged bear territory. The markets showed no signs of recovery and what ever they gained […]

Down 777 one day and up 485 the next ? Lets not forget all the troubles from yesterday have not vanished. This is a typical behavior of bear markets, increased volatility , high VIX , brutal plunges and sharp rallies and than eventually a brutal plunge deeper than the first one! If you look at […]

Trading for a living is an extremely lucrative lifestyle that suits many people. Every trader dreams of living a life where he controls everything around him except the markets which work independently of his her control. The privileges for being a full time trader are numerous. The working hours are great 5-6 hrs a day and […]