Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

What do successful traders do ? They avoid bigger losses and that way they have more gains than losses to count for. They trade when the odds are in their favor and chances of losses minimal. Institutional traders are different because they trade both ways and successfully control the market which is a finite domain. […]

Sun eclipse has something to do with the stock market. It is exploding to the upside in a sharp rally off its lows set on Friday. I am just kidding. The market is exploding to the upside because of extremely oversold readings on the charts. The market was oversold over two weeks of losses straight […]

Its been rough this last week in trading stocks or equities. For seven straight sessions the market has gone down. SPX has plunged from 1260 to 1158 just about 100 points in a week. That is an extreme and shakes up weak hands, people give up and sell and take a loss. But what it […]

I’m new to stocks and am just starting to learn the ins and outs. . . Because I’m a beginner I just want to start off maybe 100 bucks trading day worth of a stock to get the hang of it. . . how much Could I make by selling high and buying just low […]

Penny stocks Refer to the scrips in the stock market below to With A dollar value per share as cost. Howeve, it is defined in U.S. and UK Differently equity trading markets. Being traded in massive Amounts, These stocks are Highly volatile. They are traded in huge volumes at a time due to Their immense […]

www.todaytrader.com.Day trading in stocks is both risky and difficult. Please consult your financial advisor before attempting to trade actively. TodayTrader is not responsible for any content that may be viewed on this channel. These videos are not meant to be recommendations in the market. Day trading equities requires a retail account balance of at least […]

Product DescriptionContinuing as a trader and educator in the stock, bond and commodity markets the early 1900s THROUGHOUT, Wyckoff WAS curious logic behind About the market action. Through conversations, interviews and research of the historical time of Successful traders, Wyckoff augmented and Document the Methodology I traded and Taught. Work with Wyckoff and studies them […]

www.StockMarketFunding.com Day Trading Stock Sell Short Gap Plays Stock Market Gap Trading Analysis NYSE Stocks Gap Up & Gap Down. Stock Market Gap Trading Analysis NYSE Stocks Gap Up and Gap Down Trading Premarket Trading Action. We’ll be analyizing trading activity prior to the economic data for the week ahead. United States Economy Economic Data […]

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